Consider College Mennonite Church as part of your Planned Giving


Anabaptism is now a global movement no longer led by the descendants of European Mennonites, but by Anabaptists in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as well as immigrants from those places to North America. In North America, local congregations lead this movement, and churchwide institutions take on a supporting role. College Mennonite Church decided to go “all in” investing in the future of Anabaptism.

One of the ways you can support the future of Anabaptism is through planned giving to CMC.
In 2006, CMC received a large and unexpected bequest. We made a decision to start an endowment fund, which has grown over the years. Several years ago, we stopped using the term endowment and now refer to it as an investment fund, with investment earnings providing benefit to the ministries of the church, student aid, and new ministries.

Annual distributions from CMC’s investment funds may support the following categories: 

Leadership Development
Funds from planned giving support a variety of leadership development activities, from formal study like seminary education, to workshops and seminars equipping both staff and volunteers for ministry. Leadership Development also provides opportunities for members to take courses of study that increase their understanding of Anabaptism. 
Renewal and Replacement of Building and Equipment 
CMC is committed to investing in technology, which has become an increasingly important part of ministry. Support for technology through planned giving was one of the reasons CMC was ready for COVID. People from all over the world worship with us through technology. Funds from planned giving allow us to keep up to date. Planned giving funds help CMC maintain and upgrade our physical space so that it can continue to be a vital hub of ministry. 
Mission and Outreach
Funds from planned giving help College Mennonite invest in the future of the global Anabaptist movement right here in Goshen as we reach out to the Latinx community, and connect with Mennonites around the world. 
CMC Student Aid
For over 38 years, the CMC Student Aid Fund at College Mennonite has helped about 400 CMCers benefit from a Mennonite educational experience. 

Ways to Give

  • Bequests
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Donor Advised Funds
  • Required Minimum Distribution from Retirement Funds (Tax Exempt)

What to do?

If you are interested in planned giving at CMC, you can discuss options with your financial advisor, or contact one of the following people: Karen Lehman, Kent Miller, Kevin Miller, Phil Waite. 


CMC Investment Funds are managed by the Investment Management Committee according to policies approved by the Church Board.