End of Life Ministry

Although many prefer not to think or talk about death, it remains a part of our lives.  Each person will face death among friends, within their families and finally themselves. Our biblical faith helps us to face the reality of death and embrace it with hope.
We believe that planning is one way of preparation to deal with death; to make decisions and share them with close friends and family.
We provide resources and counseling for members and attendees.
When death occurs a pastor meets with the family or relatives to plan a service of celebration and remembrance.

Grief Support

Nearly every year we offer a grief support group in the fall. We also provide a series of grief booklets through Stephen Ministries that are designed to offer guidance and encouragement especially over the course of the first year after a loved one's death. These resources are available both in English and Spanish.

Memorial Garden

A Memorial Garden is located in the church's courtyard to be used for the scattering of ashes/cremains of CMC members or related persons for whom CMC is their church home. The loved ones of CMC members are memorialized with the placement of an engraved plaque on the designated wall space.