Church Library

The College Mennonite Church Library provides a variety of adult and children’s books to check out. We also have an assortment of puzzles. Come put one together at the puzzle table or check one out to put together at home. The library is open Sundays 9:00 am until noon. Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.
Curious about the books in the church library? Check out the library catalogue by clicking the link below. You can search by title, author or subject. 

New Items

Take a look of some of the new items available at the CMC Library

Start Here: A Roap Map to Reducing Mass Incarceration

364.6 Ber - Start Here: A Roap Map to Reducing Mass Incarceration (New Press 2018) by Greg Berman and Julian Adler is a brief, practical approach to achieving incremental improvements in our criminal justice system. The book complements CMC's ministry in re-entry. "Read it, and then roll up your sleeves and get to work." 171 pp.

Pauline Kennel: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: Music for Piano, Piano Trio, and Organ

CD - Pauline Kennel: Praise to the Lord, the Almighty: Music for Piano, Piano Trio, and Organ. Disc 1 contains 22 arrangements of familiar hymns, played on the piano by Pauline. Disc 2 contains four trios for piano, violin and cello played by Pauline and her daughters, as well as 25 organ solos by Pauline. Pauline frequently contributes to music for worship at CMC. See Pauline to purchase a copy, at $15.

Henry's Red Sea

FIC Smu - Henry's Red Sea by Barbara Claassen Smucker 1915-2003 (Herald 1955) is the classic narrative of how Mennonites escaped Ukraine for Germany in the 1940s and settled in Canada or Paraguay, aided by MCC. Told through the experience of a boy, Henry Bergen. Illustrated by Allan Eitzen. 110 pp. 

Justa's Escape

92 Neu - Justa's Escape: A Journey from World War II Ukraine by Justine Neufeld, with Russell Binkley (Wipf/Stock 2022), is the factual account of how the author fled Ukraine during World War II, became separated from her family and eventually settled in Kansas. 174 pp. 

Memoir of an Unimagined Career

92 New - Memoir of an Unimagined Career: 43 Years Inside Mennonite Media by Melody M. David (Masthof 2022), a native of Middlebury, whose account of her career is also the history of Menno Media as it evolved from The Mennonite Hour through many technological and content developments. Many photos. 199 pp. 

The White Mosque

958.7086 Sam - The White Mosque: A Memoir by Sofia Samatar (Catapult 2022) is, on the surface, the author's account of a trip thrugh Central Asia to Khiva, Uzbekistan, in quest of a church built by the followers of Claas Epp, Jr. (1838-1913), who expected Christ's Return there. The dense, thoughtful narrative ranges widely, especially in considering the author's mixed Mennonite and Somali Muslim inheritance. The book has received high praise by national reviews. The author was born in Goshen to Said Sheikh Samatar (deceased) and Lydia Glick, who now lives in Greencroft. 315 pp.

Hurricane Maria: Stories of Resilience and Compassion

Christine's Turn: A Novel

Not Quite Fine: Mental Health, Faith, and Showing Up for One Another

363.3492 Fal - Hurricane Maria: Stories of Resilience and Compassion (Authors 2019), edited by Rafael Falcón and Tom Lehman, offers the memoirs, in English and Spanish, of 15 survivors of Hurricane Maria in 1956. The memoirs, some in Spanish, include contributions by CMC's Sandy Swartzendruber and Linda and Joe Christophel. 145 pp.
FIC Goo - Christine's Turn: A Novel (Walnut Street Books 2022) by Merle Good features a college student in Pennsylvania who faces a host of problems: an unknown father, land development, romance, barn arsons, her band's success, an unknown future. Walnut Street Books, published by Merle and Phyllis Good of Lancaster, is the successor to Good Books. 463 pp. 
259.42 Byr - Not Quite Fine: Mental Health, Faith, and Showing Up for One Another (Herald 2021) by Carlene Hill Byron, who has lived with mental illness, asks "Where is it safe to suffer?" and suggests how the Body of Christ can "become a healing community for its members in pain." The author, a Lutheran, is a spiritual wellness volunteer in the MaineHealth hospital system. 206 pp.