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This Week in Worship

Feb. 7, 2016

We are beginning preparations for Lent at College Mennonite, with a focus on prayer. As we move from a focus on Acts 9 to a focus on Acts 10, we will pay attention to the role prayer plays in Saul’s conversation. Prayer is central to conversion and to discernment. Saul’s response to his vision on the Damascus Road is not eating or drinking anything for three days. Ananias is at prayer when he receives his vision to meet Saul on Straight Street. The scriptures call us to prayer as we look and listen for the work of the Holy Spirit among us.  —Phil Waite



Lenten Opportunities for Prayer

at College Mennonite Church

During this season of Lent, the pastoral team invites you to participate in these unique times of prayer.


Praying the Daily Office

·         Beginning on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 10

·         Weekdays, 11:00 –11:20 a.m., front rows of the sanctuary

·         Come and join in prayers guided by the Anabaptist Prayer Book.


Prayer Stations

·         Different prayer stations will be set up in the building to guide you in different forms of prayer. Some stations will be contemplative and some will be active. The stations will change every two weeks and will be available any time the building is open.


Anointing and Prayer on Wednesday

·         6-8 p.m. on Wednesdays, Feb. 17 through March 16

·         A pastor will be available for prayer and anointing with individuals upon request in the prayer room.


Prayers on Thursday

·         Prayers for Palestine: From 12:20-12:25 p.m. each Thursday, gather at the Adelphian Fountain (outside the Goshen College dining hall) to join others around the world praying in solidarity with Palestinians living under Israeli occupation.

·         Call to Prayer: At 2 p.m. each Thursday, when you hear the tornado siren test, let it be a reminder to you to stop whatever you are doing and pray. We invite you to pray the Lord’s Prayer and know that many others around town are also praying that same prayer with you.


Prayer Room

·         The CMC Prayer Room is always open as a quiet space for prayer. 





























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