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Sunday morning worship may be heard live at 9:25 AM (EST/EDT) on WGCS 91.1 FM: the Globe. Tune in if you're in the Goshen area or visit their website by clicking on the name.

You can also watch the worship service online at this site, live every Sunday morning from 9:25-10:45 AM (EST/EDT)

greencroft-logo-smallResidents at Greencroft may watch the worship service live on Greencroft cable channel 13

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In 2009 Rhoda Janzen wrote a bestselling book entitled Mennonite in a Little Black Dress. Janzen’s claim to being a Mennonite is rooted in culture and kinship ties. Her background is Mennonite Brethren, but she claims no current affiliation with a Menno­nite church of any kind. In short, she is a Mennonite because her parents are, as well as their parents before them, and so on.

A common use of the word Mennonite in North America includes only descen­dants of Mennonite farmer immigrants, and excludes those who tell a different story. We laugh and cry about the Mennonite game, but we often underestimate the power of a cultural ethnic definition of Mennonite to exclude.

This week in worship we take a peek at the summer focus on “Grafted In.” What does it mean to say the cross of Christ makes us one? What does it mean to graft in those whose ancestors tell a rich story different from the familiar Mennonite narrative? How do we celebrate both?     —Phil Waite



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