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 August 3, 2014

"And the WORD lives among us..."

"The Authority to Forgive"
John 7:53-8:11 is considered doubtful. That is, it is not well attested in the most ancient manuscripts, and scholarly translations add a caveat at the bottom of the page. Yet it persists, and most translations keep it in. Whether or not this passage is authentically in the Gospel of John, it is authentically Jesus. That is, the event described in the text is pure Jesus. Turning the tables on a group of men who are eager to stone a woman they claim to have caught in adultery, Jesus changes the subject from her sin to theirs. It’s a Jesus-ish thing to do. This week in worship we celebrate the Jesus who forgives sins and upends the power dynamics of judgment, embracing a different kind of power.      —Phil Waite

















































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